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Professional Music Lessons

Study Guitar and Drums with the best Guitar and Drum teachers in Las Vegas. Our Studio or your place. For more information please call the following numbers:

Eugene Shapiro (Guitar-Acoustic, Electric or Classical ((all styles, all levels)), Bass Guitar, Composition, Music Theory):
(702) 496-2898 (cell)

Please click on "About Us" on top of this page and then on "About Eugene" to learn more about Eugene's teaching and playing credentials.

Boris Shapiro (Drums-Drum Set ((all styles, all levels)), Percussion-Various):
(702) 544-1493 (cell)

Please click on "About Us" on top of this page and then on "About Boris" to learn more about Boris' teaching and playing credentials.

Shapiro Project is also available for Master Classes, Residencies, and Presentations. For more info please contact Eugene Shapiro at the above phone number or e-mail.

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